Happy Sixth!

Happy 6th Anniversary, Sundria! Six years ago today v1 of the server went live for Geek and Sundry’s Twitch channel and we have been growing and evolving ever since. I want to thank the many people who have gotten us to year six! Digressive, who built and maintained the first 3 versions of the server and TK and Star who put together and maintain our current version. All the Mods and Ops who served our community through every iteration of the server. The producers of Cos-Playing, where Sundria began, and Mines N Crafts. The hosts of those shows, Jessica Merizan, Stef Woodburn, Amy Dallen, and Gina DeVivo, who brought some real joy when they visited Sundria. The Patreon patrons who pay for the server so that we may keep playing. And last, but not least, all of you who have ever played on the server. It continues to be true that my favorite part of this is visiting your builds and seeing what your imaginations have created. You all continue to astound me and give me great ideas to steal. You also completely ruined single player Minecraft! (So boring!) Thank you for playing and thank you for expanding the community into the Discord. Know that no matter how busy you get or what curveballs life throws at you, you always have a home in Sundria. ❤️🐮

Border Expansion

This Saturday (April 11) starting at Noon pacific, we will be expanding our borders by 1000 blocks in every direction. This will not happen all at once, but instead will be a process that will expand every second over 20 hours, at a rate of about 50 blocks on a side per hour. I know some of you have seen sites on the other side of the Wall and know exactly where you’re going first. So explore, pillage, have fun, but try not to loot everything in the expanded world yourself. Please practice some moderation. Also, there may be some lag as people explore, so be prepared for some wonkiness. Enjoy!

Dragon Hunt!

March 10th was the 5th anniversary of Sundria, first launched as part of Cos-Playing on Geek and Sundry’s Twitch channel. I joined up after the second episode. It was my first time playing Minecraft and I’ve loved it and the community ever since. In honor of the server’s anniversary, we’ll be doing a Dragon Hunt Tuesday March 17th at 7:15pm pacific. We’ll be fighting 5 Dragons in a row so come prepared! If you aren’t, come anyway, the community will have stuff for you! I know that time may be tough for some people, but I promise we’ll have many more. Also, please remember the US time change, so please double check time zones.

Creative Challenge 4-1

It’s time for the new old server’s first new old creative challenge! Go to our creative world and make a build with an “Ocean” theme. In 3 weeks, on March 28th, we will announce the winners in 3 categories determined by the Mod team: Best In Show, Most Creative Use of Materials, and Most Thematic. We will also have participation awards for all who build!

So please join us in building! To claim a plot in Creative, stand inside it and type “/p claim.” More commands can be found on the website (https://uddercraft.com/helpful-commands/) and the Sundria guide found in-game at the trading post across from the entry stairs. As you build, please place a sign on the wall at Spawn just west of the portals with your name, plot world coordinates, and build title. Thanks for playing!

It’s been one week…

Today marks one week since we went independent and reopened. I want to thank all of you who’ve come to play on the server. I haven’t seen it this active since the days of Mines N Crafts and it makes me so happy! I want to thank our Patrons for donating to keep the server running and this great community together. And finally I want to thank Starblaiz, tsunamikitchen, Spark, and DesertShaddow for their time, work, and creativity, without which Sundria v4 wouldn’t exist. May the Udderlord bless this community and thanks for playing!

Patreon for Donations

Hey all! I am so happy to be able to bring the server back for all of you and you are welcome to play for free for as long as you like. However, if you’d like to help me and the community out, I have set up a Patreon page for monthly donations. We have 2 tiers with some in-game rewards for both. Pick the one you like, sign up, and then send me a message with your Minecraft name so I know who to look for! You will only be charged on the 1st of the month, but I will get you your first month’s rewards as soon as possible. Go to Patreon.com/uddercraft to sign up. Thanks for whatever you can donate and thanks for playing!

Get Whitelisted Now!

We are almost ready to reopen the server, but first I need to get the whitelist all ready. This will allow you entry to the server as soon as we’re ready. Follow the instructions below to get on the Uddercraft whitelist.

1. Go to https://uddercraft.com/whitelisting/
2. Fill in your real name
3. Fill in your email address
4. Fill in your Minecraft Username (Not your nickname, we need the one you registered with Minecraft.)
5. The TEXT section is how people who have never played on the server before get on. If you have played on the server before and aren’t trying to get anyone new on, just put N/A in the TEXT section. Otherwise, in the TEXT section, please list anyone’s MC Username you are vouching for to join the server or, if you are new to the server, give me the MC Username of the person vouching for you. If you both mention each other, you’ll be in!
6. If you forget to put someone’s Username or get something wrong, feel free to submit a new ticket with the updated information.
7. You will receive an email asap about your whitelist status

Once you are on the whitelist, you are on it unless you get banned for repeated or egregious rule breaking. See the rules at https://uddercraft.com/rules/. If you want to bring someone in later, just resubmit your information with theirs as above and have them submit theirs with your Username in the TEXT section. Thanks!