Calendar Events

Calendar dates and times are in the Pacific Time Zone.

Discord Watchalong (2 events weekly)

  • Come watch Movies and TV Shows, both Live Action and Animated, with us on Discord in the Watchalong voice channel every week! Monitor the Discord Event Announcements and Watchalong text channels for more specific information including what we’ll be watching!
    • Weekly Wednesday Watch Party: 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm GMT*
    • Saturday Streams: 12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm GMT

Discord Pandemic Pub Trivia (weekly)

  • Join us for a weekly team trivia contest hosted by Muse and Prof_Redsmith to help fill the void until Critical Role returns. Come to the Watchalong voice and text channels on Discord Thursdays at 12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm GMT*

Arena Events (monthly)

  • Every month we will have an Arena event that will rotate between the PvP Arena in the End with 4v4, 2v2, 1v1 and all out Slap Fights, the Race Track with horse, foot, and land boat races, and the Jousting Arena with several different events as well. Winning a horse race, a 1v1 fight with an Udderknight, and a jousting tournament all get you one step closer to becoming an Udderknight! Stay tuned to this website and the Discord Event Announcements channel for dates and times of the next event!

Dragon Hunts (every other month)

  • Official Dragon Hunts will be held every other month and on special occasions. Participation will get you on the Slayer’s Wall at the Monument and prizes including Shulker Boxes, Dragon Heads, Elytra, and getting to hold the Dragon Egg so you can get the achievement. Stay tuned on this website and the Event Announcements channel on our Discord for dates and times of the next Hunt! Of course, you are welcome to hold your own Hunts and surviving a solo Hunt (with corroboration) gets you one step closer to becoming an Udderknight!

Creative Challenges (every other month)

  • Creative Challenges will be held every other month on the months with no Dragon Hunt. The theme will be announced and the due date given. Please use the Creative Plot-World for your build and place a sign near the portals at Spawn with your name, the title of your build, and the Plot-World Coordinates. Signs will be taken down when the next Challenge is announced.

*Times may change depending on hosting availability and other server events. Watch the Discord Events Announcements text channel for more specific information.