Get Whitelisted Now!

We are almost ready to reopen the server, but first I need to get the whitelist all ready. This will allow you entry to the server as soon as we’re ready. Follow the instructions below to get on the Uddercraft whitelist.

1. Go to
2. Fill in your real name
3. Fill in your email address
4. Fill in your Minecraft Username (Not your nickname, we need the one you registered with Minecraft.)
5. The TEXT section is how people who have never played on the server before get on. If you have played on the server before and aren’t trying to get anyone new on, just put N/A in the TEXT section. Otherwise, in the TEXT section, please list anyone’s MC Username you are vouching for to join the server or, if you are new to the server, give me the MC Username of the person vouching for you. If you both mention each other, you’ll be in!
6. If you forget to put someone’s Username or get something wrong, feel free to submit a new ticket with the updated information.
7. You will receive an email asap about your whitelist status

Once you are on the whitelist, you are on it unless you get banned for repeated or egregious rule breaking. See the rules at If you want to bring someone in later, just resubmit your information with theirs as above and have them submit theirs with your Username in the TEXT section. Thanks!

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