Helpful Commands

  • T to open the chat window where you can talk to others and enter the following commands. You can also use / to open the window with the slash already present.
  • /spawn to return to the Keep
  • /back to return to your last location including where you just died.
  • /sethome to set a location that /home will take you to.
  • /home to take you where you /sethome.
  • /home bed to take you to the bed you last slept in.
  • /warp logo to take you to the top of the G&S Logo.
  • /warp udderlord to take you to the top of the Udderlord.
  • /warp udderlady to take you to the top of the Udderlady.

Land Claiming Commands

  • /abandonclaim deletes the claim you are standing in.
  • /trust [player] to give that player full permissions in your claim.
  • /untrust [player] to revoke that player’s permissions.
  • /accesstrust [player] gives permission to use buttons, levers, and beds.
  • /containertrust [player] gives them permissions as “access” plus crafting gear, containers, and animals.
  • /trustlist shows that claim’s permissions.

Open Creative Plot World

  • /p claim when inside an unclaimed plot.
  • /p delete to erase and abandon your claimed plot.
  • /p trust [player] to allow another to build in your plot.
  • /p merge to merge the plot you are in with the plot you are looking towards.
  • /p unlink to unlink merged plots.

Avrae Commands

  • !roll <dice>
  • !condition|status <name>
  • !item <name>
  • !spell <name>
  • !monimage <name>
  • !monster <name>
  • And Many More! Click the link above.