ALERT: Enderfarm Damage

The Ender Farm was found broken up pretty badly today. The thinking is that someone was trying to retrieve something that was accidentally dropped.
If this was you or if something like this happens to you, please DO NOT DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE’S BUILDS. Ask for help from me or the other players. If you have good reason to dismantle something, TELL SOMEONE before you do it. LET PEOPLE KNOW. Don’t just break someone’s build and leave it broken. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.
Stuff happens. We all understand that, but don’t keep things like this quiet. Let people help. Maybe someone knows a better way to help you. We have a great, understanding, and helpful community here. Please remember to be a part of it. Thank you.
Also, thanks to all those who helped repair it. It means a lot to the builder and to me.
Finally, if you need to get a hold of me or want to talk about this (or anything), you can contact me via email at and twitter using @danmanmtn.

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